Coding Class

Quizgum : intro MySQL

What is a DataBase?

The database is used to store information.
The information we use when signing up is stored in the database.
A database is a program, not a programming language.
In addition, saving or loading data in the database, or modifying and deleting data is done by entering the database statements.
In the MySQL chapter, you will learn how to add, modify, and delete such data. In the PHP chapter, you will be prompted to enter your membership information in conjunction with the Database.
Do you know MySQL first?

The database can be easily identified by simply recalling the timetable from the classroom when you were in school.
You can find out what class is in the first class on Monday and what class is in the third class on Friday.
The same is true for databases.
The following table will make this easier.

Student ID name Subject of Application
20081234 leonardo operating system
20114394 david Network security
20125849 hiro hacking

In the table above, items such as student number, name, and subject are called fields.
And the materials below are called records. Now let's look at how to insert data, how to modify it, how to delete it, how to retrieve the data you want, and how to retrieve it.