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Quizgum : Output Statement

Output statement

To get started with PHP, start with <?php and finish with?>. An output statement is a command used to print something on the screen.
It uses a statement called echo and uses it like the example source below.
Enter as follows!

    echo "hello world";

If you have entered the above source, save it as test.php in your own htdocs or execute it by clicking [PLAY CODE] above.
The result of the code above is:

If you have a development environment on your computer, you can run it in a web browser.
http: //localhost/test.php
The input source will then be activated and displayed.
So everyone knows what the echo command does?
It is not case sensitive, so typing ECHO gives the same result.
You can now print the text you want on a web page using the server side language.
Let's go one step at a time and touch the database later, let's try to create a membership. ^-^ *
Let's do it with me. I don't know well. And using EEOS web editor provided by quizgum, you can do your own project in web browser without developing development environment. ^-^ *