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Quizgum : while (loop statement)

while statement

while means while. It is a loop statement like the for statement. It is used to repeat something.
The syntax is different from the for statement.
The while statement first declares a variable.
After that, we write a while(condition)
Enter the increment value in the statement.
As a source

$num = 1;   //Variable declaration
while($num <= 10){  //do the following while num is less than or equal to 10 
echo "{$num} output............... {$a} <br />"; // Do this sentence
$num++ //Here's the run. When executed, the num value becomes 2, and then back to the while statement, the result is true and the following is repeated.

Now type the output directly from 1 to 10 with the while statement !!!

    $num = 1;

    while($num <= 10){
        echo " $num ";
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if so!! Now output the odd sum from 1 to 10 using the while statement.

    echo "Sum of odd numbers from 1 to 10<br />";

    $num = 1;  // Initial value declaration
    $sum = 0;  // Declaration of Variables in Cumulative Totals

    while($num <= 10){
        echo $num."Cumulative sum to";
        $sum += $num;
        echo " = {$sum} <br />";

    echo "The cumulative sum of odd numbers 1 through 10 is {$sum}.<br />";
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Declare an initial value of 1 for num.
Then we declare sum to accumulate the sum of odd numbers from 1 to 10.

Set the condition to 10 with the while statement

Accumulate the value of num in $sum. num is currently 1, so sum is 1.
After that, the value of num is +2. Then num becomes 3.
Going back to while and running as above, 1 3 5 7 9 accumulates in sum.

If you accumulate multiples of 5 from 1 to 100,
Set the condition of the while statement to 100
$num += 5