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Quizgum : directory function

directory function

Function to open a directory : opendir()
Function to close a directory : closedir()
Function to read a directory : readdir()

The parameters of opendir and closedir are directory paths.

Let's look at an example.


    echo "directory function example<br />";

    $dir = '/Applications/';
    //$dir = "c:/windows/";  //if you use windows OS

        if($dirop = opendir($dir)){
            while(($filerd = readdir($dirop)) != false){
                echo " {$filerd} <br />";
            echo "-------------------------------------- <br />";
    } else {
        echo "{$dir} does not exist.<br />";

Result(for example MacOS)

php image

Result(for example windows)

php image php image

4line - Store the directory name in $dir.
7line - is_dir() is a function that determines whether a directory exists.
$dir is determined to be true and the following is done
8line - Use $dirop as a variable to open a directory.
$dirop = Opens a directory in opendir($dir) and outputs the folders and files in it while looping while(($filerd = readdir($dirop))! = false).

Finding and relocating directories getcwd(0, chdir()

Use getcwd() to find out where the current directory is, and then use chdir() to specify the path of the directory to change.


    echo "getcwd() , chdir() <br />";
    echo "current location <br />";

    $path = getcwd();

    echo "{$path} <br />";
    //chdir("c:/temp/"); //if you use windows OS

    $path = getcwd();

    echo "current location <br />";
    echo " $path <br />";
php image