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Quizgum : intro PHP

getting started PHP

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, finally came to PHP.
Now I am renewing my PHP course. The web language is divided into server side language and client side language.
Clientside language is the language that runs on your computer. HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery.
And the server side language is the language of the server. PHP is the equivalent. There are also ASP, ASP.NET, and JSP, but I don't know how to do it.
I know how to do it, but my competitiveness is high, but it's still too much for me.
For example, if you created a sign-up page using HTML, and you want to add ID duplication, you should use PHP.
You should use PHP to connect to the database to check whether the corresponding ID exists or not, and if it does exist you are advised to use a different ID.
What is such a thing. When saving member information, it is also stored in the database using PHP. Then follow me to implement these things yourself. ^-^ *
I make Ever quizgum and you know each one by me and I need your efforts to make me feel rewarded.
To practice PHP on your own computer, you need to make your own computer a server. To do that, you need to install Apache server, PHP, and database.
Also called APM for short.
There is a package that installs them all at once. In this tutorial, we use a program called mamp on Windows and mamp on macOS.
In quizgum, there is also a description page for building a development environment. Please build your development environment by choosing the environment that suits your OS(operating system) below.

macOS user

windows10 user

Or you may find it difficult to build a development environment.
In that case, please use EEOS, a cloud development environment created by quizgum. ^^
The editor was created by quizgum without building a development environment.
It gives you a database, a URL, and an editor. ^-^ *
I think you have read and explained the above descriptions and move on to the next.