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Quizgum : Project 1 : Introduct Membership SignUp SignIn

Membership signIn, signUp

This time, let's apply what we've learned so far to implement sign-up and login.

1. Create DB [DB name is myProject]
2. Create table [table name is member]
3. Create Database Connection Page(htdocs/myProjct/include/dbConnect.php)
4. Create Membership signUp Page(htdocs/myProject/member/signUpForm.php)
5. Create ID Duplicate Check Page(htdocs/myProject/member/memberIdCheck.php)
6. Create member information save page(htdocs/myProject/member/memberSave.php)
7. Create login form page(htdocs/myProject/member/main.php)
8. Create login process page(htdocs/myProject/member/signIn.php)
9. Create SignOut page(htdocs/myProject/member/signOut.php)

I'll proceed like this. The duplicate ID check page uses AJAX which is not available in Everlabel, but I will explain it in detail. Project file will be attached. If that doesn't work, download the file and compare it. The db and table are not included.

File Download