Coding Class

Quizgum : construct

Using the constructor

The constructor is the first method automatically executed when instantiating a class.
In other words, the constructor is executed automatically just by creating a class.

How To Create Constructor

function __construct(){}

So let's do it. Let's use the Car class we used earlier.
Do I have to start it up before the car can move?

    class Car
        public $wheels;
        public $doors = 4;
        protected $color = 4;
        private $size;
        private $company;

        function __construct()
            echo "I started to run my car.";

        public function run()
            return "The car is running.";

        protected function stop()
            return "car stops.";

        protected function turn()
            return "turnning car";
    $honda = new Car;

Result of the code above

In the code above, I didn't call any methods, I just created an instance.
When you create an instance, the constructor works automatically.
There is also a destructor.
Next time, let's look at the destructor. ^-^ *